Airdrop Claiming

Airdrop Claiming

Once a user has created their Web Wallet, or alternatively participated in one of the airdrop campaigns, users will be able to claim the airdrop via the Web Wallet.

Step 1) Click on the "Claim Airdrops" button on the menu bar.

Step 2) Select which Airdrop you would like to claim, and click on the "Claim" button. You will need to pay a BTC tx fee in order to claim your airdrops.

Important note:

The DGE Airdrop (Donation Generation Event) will be minted into users wallets after they have donated. This will be Airdropped to users wallets (block by block) over a period of 3 months. However it is important to understand that donating over the threshold of $980 (therefore entitled to 700 DFG) will require compliance screening. After these users have passed the necessary compliance requirements, they will have their DFG minted into their wallets (block by block) as per the vesting schedule.

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