DGE Airdrop

Donation Generation Event Airdrop


The Dark Fusion DGE is a donation event initiative whereby users can donate BTC to the Dark Fusion Protocol. Users who donate to the protocol will be eligible to their proportional share of the airdrop of 7,500,000 DFG over the period of 3 months*. These DFG tokens will be unlocked block-by-block over a period of 3 months. Donations are subject to our compliance pack found here:

pageCompliance Pack

This Donation Generation Event will follow a linear distribution with a fixed price of $1.40 equivalent in SATS (BTC).

3300 SATS at time of launch.

Note: The pricing mechanisms used during this event is solely used to determine quantum of tokens and in no way represents a value reference. Dark Fusion does not support non- compliant secondary markets.

The Donation Generation Event Airdrop will be open for donations until such a time the allocated tokens are filled in its entirety.


If a user donates more than once with the same wallet, they will not get their Airdrop on their second donation until the user has passed compliance requirements.


Users who donate over the threshold of $980 dollars (therefore entitled to 700 $DFG tokens) will need to pass through compliance screening subject to the amounts donated. Users will be able to donate and claim their DFG via the SCL Web Wallet. By participating in the Dark Fusion’s Donation Generation Event, users accept the protocol's full Compliance Pack (inclusive of the Terms & Conditions, Warranties and Privacy Policy) and acknowledge that the $DFG token in its isolated state is valueless.


Contact compliance@darkfusion.io to continue with compliance screening

Use of funds

Funds donated to the Dark Fusion protocol through the DGE will be used entirely on the Dark Fusion Protocol. The use of funds are bound by the compliance pack and follow strict internal controls.


Please take note that all donations received are non-refundable. All donations made must be made in the form of BTC and no other method or type will be accepted. Any other asset donated may have the chance of being lost.

Dark Fusion reserves the right to terminate or modify the Donation Generation Event under any circumstances Dark Fusion considers to be relevant or materially required.

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