Bitcoin - An Old Dog, The New Frontier

  1. Searching for a new frontier, crypto narratives began exploring the use of the Bitcoin ledger as a means of recording the ownership of digital collectibles through a project called Ordinals.

  1. Bitcoin, as the first blockchain and most well-known digital currently, has demonstrated the resilience of its brand recognition.

  1. This is demonstrated by its peak market dominance, surging substantially since the DeFi revolution of 2021.

  1. We see the Bitcoin blockchain as a mainstay and the next frontier in new smart contract technologies.

  1. However, despite being the oldest blockchain, it has been overlooked by developers as its lack of native support for decentralised applications makes it difficult to deploy apps on.

  1. Some progress has been made by Lightning Network and Taproot – but progress is still slow; there are no decentralised exchanges, limited tokens, and just a handful of applications running on Bitcoin.

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