Validators & Nodes

Validators & Nodes

Validators and nodes are an integral part of the Dark Fusion ecosystem and its supporting infrastructure. They enable developer-created SCL contracts to execute, run and settle nearly instantaneously.

Validators earn fees for processing and hosting swaps on the SCL Trade, providing computing resources, contract hosting, and maintaining state channels on behalf of the Dark Fusion protocol’s users and products.

Dark Fusion’s ultimate goal is to create a fully decentralised autonomous organisation, one that can self-govern, self-host, validate, self-improve, and evolve over time. In the future, developers may contribute to, expand and improve on Simple Contract Language.

However, in its infancy stages, developers will need hosting and validation to run their dApps, and sufficient computing and validating resources may not yet be online. During this time Dark Fusion will provide its own centralised hosting and validation services for these dApps, just like any other node. These hosted nodes will then receive protocol fees for doing so.

Dark Fusion will earn a small fee from all trades executed through the SCL Wallet. Initially, this fee will be set at 0.2% per trade but may change in the future based on governance vote.

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