A robust governance mechanism is one of the most critical aspects of any decentralised project. As Dark Fusion has been allocated a substantial portion of the total token supply (15% to the Dark Fusion Foundation), a governance mechanism is critical to the decision-making necessary to direct these funds towards future growth and the overall benefit of the Dark Fusion ecosystem.

The Dark Fusion governance mechanism will be implemented in three phases, allowing it to move from a centralised governance model to a fully decentralised one through a gradual and deliberate progression of phases.

The standard governance protocol comprises three steps:

  1. Solicitation of interest:

Dark Fusion representatives will work with the team and release governance proposals on the community forum.

  1. Improvement proposal:

The community will vote on the proposal, with the result being achieved upon consensus.

  1. Implementation:

The final step will be the implementation of recommendations and improvements indicated in the proposal.

The use of treasury funds is dictated by these steps as well as general DAO decision making such as suggestions to improve the product or address any ecosystem issues. It is critical to understand that this is a proposed initial governance structure that will evolve through community interactions and voting over time. The proposed governance structure is based on our best interpretation of an initial strategy but is subject to change based on the input and feedback within our community.

Foundation Governance

A portion of the issued tokens shall be reserved for foundation-related activities such as the marketing, promotion of the platform, as well as for community improvement proposals. Token holders can create proposals and be approved for foundation grants in the form of tokens. Grants are approved by token holders through a vote. Tokens allocated on behalf of the foundation are held in the DAO Treasury.

DFG tokens may also be used to gauge community interest in new feature additions, as well as product and roadmap updates. Each token counts as one vote.

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