Wallet Setup

Wallet Setup

Note: This guide will be shown in the BTC theme. The SCL wallet also includes a Dark and Light mode for the wallet.

Step 1) Start by visiting https://www.darkfusion.tech/ and click on the "SCL Wallet" button in the top right hand corner.

Step 2) Once you have downloaded the SCL (Layer 1 BTC) Web Wallet, you will then need to "Create a new wallet", or alternatively "Import or recover wallet".

Step 3) Start by clicking on "Create a new wallet"

Step 4) This will then ask you to create a password for your Wallet. This password will be used to protect your wallet and provide access to the browser extension.

Note: This password can not be used to recover your wallet (ie. This password is NOT your Secret Phrase). It is simply used to login to the SCL Wallet at a later date.

Step 5) Once your password is created, your Secret Back Up Phrase will be shown

Note: Make sure to store this phrase in a private location. Preferably a written hardcopy to prevent any technological hacks. NEVER share this phrase with anyone. Once you have written down your seed phrase, the wallet will prompt you to enter it. Once this has been completed, make sure to store your phrase in a secure and private location. This seed phrase makes up your private key which will allow you to import your wallet at a later date.

Step 6) After you have written down your Secret Phrase, the Wallet will then prompt you to enter in the phrase.

Step 7) Your Layer 1 BTC Web Wallet has now been created!

This will then display your Dashboard page of your Web Wallet:

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