SCL Technical Specifications


Dark Fusion's SCL is meticulously designed to enable the creation and deployment of smart contracts, focusing on the issuance and transfer of assets on UTxO-based blockchains. Within this framework, a contract delineates the rights being issued and stipulates the necessary validation rules for the transfer of ownership.

At the core of SCL is the principle of client-side validation. In this model, both the sender and receiver maintain all transaction-specific data off-chain, sharing it only during ownership transitions. The proof of these transitions is then embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain, serving as a robust mechanism for validation & security.

This innovative approach allows participants to independently and reliably validate the state of any contracts they intend to engage with, enhancing the integrity and transparency of interactions within the ecosystem.

SCL's architecture also incorporates the concept of "Contract Hosts." These hosts play a pivotal role in the community by organising off-chain data into formats that are accessible and user-friendly. These hosts are versatile and can adopt various forms, tailored to specific applications. For instance, a host specialising in video game assets can dynamically scale its services in response to demand.

Furthermore, the utilisation of UTxOs in SCL unlocks the potential to integrate with the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This integration exponentially enhances the scalability, transferability, and security of SCL assets within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, positioning SCL as a forward-thinking solution in the realm of digital asset management.

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