Dark Fusion

Dark Fusion:

Dark Fusion has engineered a major advancement in infrastructure on the Bitcoin blockchain. Through years of research and development, we've created Simple Contract Language (SCL) - the first smart contract modeling language designed for compatibility with the Bitcoin blockchain and other UTxO based chains.

Dark Fusion is a new decentralised application development standard using a proprietary UTxO-based contract execution framework it calls Simple Contract Language (SCL). It is designed for use on top of a both layer 1 and layer 2 solutions (such as Lightning Network) over a UTXO-capable chain (such as Bitcoin). SCL will focus primarily on the development of smart contracts & tokenisation on the Bitcoin network (Layer 1) during its launch.

It is important to note that SCL is layer agnostic and can be built upon higher layer chains, where applicable.

The Dark Fusion product suite is also bundled with a low-fee, fast-settling decentralised trade function called SCL Trade. For the first time, it allows a new standard of tokens to be transacted in a fully-decentralised manner on the Bitcoin blockchain. Dark Fusion has implemented its own proprietary token standard developed using SCL, and available for new project developers to build upon. Projects tokens built on SCL will be supported by the SCL Trade and SCL Wallet.

Dark Fusion was created to address bottlenecks and their resulting high fees in existing so-called high-throughput/low-fee chains such as Polygon. It utilises a robust token economy to reward validators, foster decentralised application development on Bitcoin and other UTxO blockchains, and provide a method for users to trade, send & receive and mint on the network.

Below, we will go into a deep dive of Dark Fusion SCL as well as its additional product offerings.

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