SCL Explorer

SCL Explorer

SCL Explorer is Dark Fusion’s version of a blockchain explorer like Blockchair or Blockstream with the exception that SCL Explorer is specifically designed to enable parties to view current and past transactions executed using SCL. SCL Explorer will initially be developed to support the viewing of transactions on SCL, but may eventually support any public SCL transaction running on any chain or layer.

The following are states that are reported and visible on SCL Explorer:

  • Transaction Hash

  • Transaction Number

  • Sender Address

  • Receiver Address

  • Transaction Fee Paid

  • Value Transferred (denominated in DFG, with USD fee estimate)

  • Token Name

  • Contract Method

  • Transaction Status

  • Token Details

    1. Max Supply

    2. Holders

  • Total Transfers

  • Contract Code (Read/Write Support)

    1. Token Contract Address

  • Support for NFTs

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