Dark Fusion Technology


Smart Contracts & Tokenisation on Bitcoin Layer 1, with Lightning Layer 2 & other UTxO based chains coming soon.

Dark Fusion is the first significant breakthrough in dApp and token development on the Bitcoin network.

Dark Fusion is a product suite consisting of a smart contract modeling language we call Simple Contract Language (SCL), designed to function on the Bitcoin network with multi-layer compatibility. Using SCL we have developed the SCL Token Standard, enabling developers to quickly deploy tokens on the Bitcoin network, the SCL Wallet to easily manage these tokens, the SCL Trade enabling users to trade these tokens, and the SCL Explorer enabling users to easily view and track transactions - all on the Bitcoin protocol.

Crypto & tech enthusiasts, in their quest for innovation, have turned their attention to utilising the Bitcoin blockchain for recording digital collectible ownership, a venture exemplified by projects such as Ordinals, Colored coins, Liquid, Omni, XCP and RGB. Bitcoin, renowned as the inaugural blockchain and a leading digital currency, has consistently showcased the strength of its brand. This was particularly evident during its market dominance surge following the DeFi revolution in 2021. The Bitcoin blockchain is viewed as a steadfast foundation and a promising arena for emerging contract technologies.

However, despite being the oldest blockchain, it has been overlooked by developers as its lack of native support for decentralised applications makes it difficult to deploy apps on. Some progress has been made by Lightning Network and Taproot – but progress is still slow; there are no decentralised exchanges, limited tokens, and only a handful of applications running on Bitcoin.

Dark Fusion solves this!

Dark Fusion has pioneered an incredible breakthrough in smart contract technologies since its inception nearly a decade ago. It has created Simple Contract Language (SCL), a smart contract modeling language that is independent of and compatible with any UTxO chain and layer-agnostic. SCL allows for tokenisation and smart contracts to be brought into the Bitcoin network unlocking the billions of dollars that remain stagnant in its current ecosystem.

We initially demonstrate SCL's significant breakthrough using the Bitcoin Network while we expand onto additional layers – as SCL can operate on any first, second, third, or higher order UTxO-layer solution as an independent smart contract coding standard, providing it nearly unlimited potential use-cases including cross-chain integrations. This allows SCL to be fast, scalable, reliable, and inexpensive, making it one of the biggest breakthroughs on the Bitcoin network in years.

Dark Fusion Product Suite:

With SCL, Dark Fusion has created a suite of products, including:

  • SCL Token Standard

  • SCL Trade

  • SCL Wallet

  • SCL Explorer

Together with SCL, these products allow dApp developers to readily deploy new Web3 technologies on a limitless, coding language agnostic, smart contract framework with the necessary infrastructure out the gate.

Dark Fusion Features:

  • Developer friendly – set up in minutes, dev language agnostic, suite of APIs/SDKs, Unity, and Unreal integration

  • Batch – pay multiple peers in one single transaction, reducing time and fees

  • Native staking support – deploy a staking contract in minutes

  • Native NFTs Support – true NFT support capabilities by embedding byte-data into UTxOs

  • Multi-Layer Compatibility

  • Chain – Agnostic Smart Contracts

  • Open Source

  • Works on Bitcoin and other UTxO based blockchains

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