Project Grants

Project Grants

Dark Fusion is committed to fostering innovation and growth within the blockchain ecosystem through our Project Grants program, allocating 8 million DFG tokens to support and incentivise the migration of projects to Simple Contract Language (SCL).

This initiative is designed to encourage and reward projects, especially those currently on EVM-based chains and other chains, for transitioning to SCL. By migrating and minting their contracts using SCL, eligible projects gain access to a portion of the Project Grants token supply, while also gaining exposure to Dark Fusion's innovative technology.

This strategic allocation aims to bolster the adoption of SCL, enriching the Dark Fusion ecosystem with diverse applications and use cases. Our Project Grants program is more than just an incentive; it's an investment in the collaborative and innovative future of SCL technology, empowering projects to leverage the unique capabilities of SCL on the Bitcoin network and other UTxO based chains.

It is important to note that SCL has the functionality to be deployed on additional UTxO chains and layers in future, meaning that projects that deploy on Bitcoin Layer 1 (using SCL) will also be able to deploy their systems on other UTxO based chains.

Dark Fusion will be allocating a total of 8 million $DFG to project grants.

In order to apply for a project grant, please reach out to:

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